Terms & Conditions

Before doing business please read our Terms and conditions

Here are the terms and conditions of our services. Hope all of the terms and conditions are in your favor. Here you will get so vital information about us and our services. You will also know how to transport your project and get a special offer. We discuss it here in detail. If you want to know more, contact us.

Client Verification
If you want to take our services, you have to verify your identity. We don’t accept any client’s orders or do their orders without verifying them. Every client must be submitted cleared identity, information and other vital documents about them or their company. Before the deal, we will to our clients all the necessary data and information and record these data or information to our files for the future.

Competitive prices
We offer our clients a good and competitive price. As we are a labor country, we can provide our clients a cheaper rate than the other developed country. We are popular not only at a cheap rate but also high quality. Our pricing rate starts from $0.39 for clipping path service that is a very competitive and comfortable price. We offer our customers a special rate for bulk images. If you order over 500 images, you will get 10% discount and over 1000 images, you will get 15% discount. It can be increased for more images.

You can submit your files or orders by using We-transfer, Dropbox and mailing. For a small project, you can use your mail us and attached your files. But for a big project, we generally use We-transfer and Dropbox. We have the permission to transfer unlimited files in We-transfer and Dropbox so you can upload and download unlimited files by using these. Stay with us and feel happy.

Image Proprietorship
You will be the real owner of the editing photos after paying the bill of the services. We just store the editing photos in six months. Your photos must be in secured in the meantime. We don’t use these photos anywhere or provide any copy to anyone. When you will clear the dues or bills, you will be the sole owner of these editing photos. Informed us if anyone uses your photos on any website or publishes these. We must take proper steps against them. You also can take the sort of actions against the abusers. We just store these photos as a backup file so that we can provide these if you lose.

Our prices are quoted in US dollars ($) for customers around the world. We only accept the payment through our website. Before paying the payment, we urge you to ensure the method which is described on our website. You must discuss with us about it. We will request you to take vital information or data from us and also request you to collect the information. We will not take responsibility if you do any mistake without informing us. Before sending payment, please check the method of payment. If you need much information contact us. Generally, we use Pay-Pal and Bank account to take our payment. PayPal is the safest and most secure process for online payments. If you have a PayPal account, you can easily and directly make payments to your account.

Generally, we do not have a refund policy if there is no serious issue. So far, we didn’t refund any project and we are hopeful that in the future, we have not to face the policy. We are so sincere and very dedicated to our works. But a mistake can happen uncertainly. If any mistake happens, you have to inform us within 7 days of delivery. We will redo your photos without any charge. We are always ready to high-end revision for free if you follow the conditions:

We accept your request within 7 days after delivering the project. If you do not request us within 7 days, your chance of getting revision will be canceled automatically.
Your request must be instructed by your instruction which you sent us at the beginning. If you sent us a new instruction, you have to pay a new payment for the new services.
If you claim a bulk re-do you need to contact us immediately and discuss with us. Complex image editing can be done easily if you get to touch within 7 business days.

Revision policy
We provide 3 rounds of revision within days of placing an order. These 3 rounds of revision are free if this action happens within 7 days. Revision should not conflict with the original instruction when you placed an order. After all the 3 rounds of revision, you will be asked to pay more for the service you are asking.

Photo replacement
We do not accept photo replacement after the order is placed. If you send the wrong images, you cannot ask us to edit another photo editing for free as a replacement. And it is your responsibility for the consequences of sending the wrong images. Through any means, you want to replace your photos, you can contact us. And settle the dispute with us. As we want to provide the flexible.

We always offer our client negotiations. If you have any dispute, you can contact us. But we believe in a settlement. You can contact us immediately as you want to settle the pricing for bulk image editing for long-term or project. If there is any dispute, we happily offer our clients’ settlement about contractual disputes.

Cancellation and Termination of Business
Retouchingcloud reserve the right to cancel the business order/service or terminate the deal or suspend the account at any time without recourse to the courts. We will suspend any account or terminate business if we get the proof of it has been used that propose abuse of our service. We will also suspend your account if you are challenging a payment that you have made to us. And asking the cancellation of a running project without an accurate reason will terminate the business.

Terms and Condition Update
We can change the Terms and Conditions at any time. You must review the Terms and Conditions Update frequently. If we change material on this policy, we can notify you on our website, in a blog post, by email or in any manner. The method we choose is our own discretion. We will also change the “latest updated” date at the beginning of the Terms and Conditions Update. Any changes to our Terms and Conditions Update, we are able to replace this latest update and replace any previous Terms and Conditions Update.

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